Career Opportunities

The SBBE Program aims at preparing specialists in the field of sustainable biomass and bioproducts engineering.

The competences of a graduate of the SBBE EMJM are:

  • Thorough knowledge of the principles of biomaterials composition and synthesis methodology.
  • Ability and skills to synthesize biomaterials and appropriate analysis of its properties.
  • Thorough knowledge of modelling and processes simulation methods.
  • Advanced knowledge on present biorefining processes and Capacity to modernize the present technologies and develop the new ones.
  • Capacity to promote and to develop scientific and technological innovation in a frame of circular economy.
  • Possibility of making a critical analysis of scientific information
  • Capacity of technical and economic evaluation of a project of innovation and research
  • Aptitude to occupy leading positions in science and engineering
  • Ability to integrate in a professional organization and develop ethics and responsibility
  • Capacity to work effectively in a team project.

Beside professional knowledge, the proposed program offers transversal skills development that allows students to get awareness of ethical issues, EU legislative framework, and intellectual property rights as well as gain skills in communication, decision taking and collective actions.