WUST, Wroclaw, Poland

WUST prepared for you the accommodation in DS T-19. 
Address: ul. Edwarda Wittiga 8, 51-628 Wrocław (25 min. on foot from WUST).

Available options

Student standard
  • double room price: 640 zł + media (water, electricity etc.)/ per month.

hotel standard (see the photos below):
– separate single room: 2100 PLN/per month
– single room in the module of 2 rooms with joint bathroom and kitchen: 1800 PLN/per month

UCLM, Ciudad Real, Spain

List of students Halls:

  • Residencia Universitaria José Maestro. Address: C/ Juan Ramón Jiménez, 6.
  • Residencia el Doncel. Address: Ronda del parque, 32. E-mail
  • Residencia Universitaria José Castillejo. Address: C/ Pozo Concejo, 8.
  • Residencia Universitaria Don Quijote. Address: C/ Juan Ramón Jiménez, 2.
  • Residencia Religiosas de María Inmaculada. Address: Calle Caballeros, 12.
  • Residencia Universitaria Ágora. Address: C/ Cuadras, 20. E-mail:
  • Residencia Felipe II. C/ Inmaculada Concepción 12. E-mail:

Contact the local coordinator for help with resident halls accommodation. If this is your choice, the booking must be done during September.

There is also the possibility of living in shared flats. In this case, contact with the Office for International Relationships in case of needing assistance: or +34 926 295320.

LUT, Lahti, Finland


Lahden Talot ( offers a wide range of housing for students in various parts of the city. Student housing is located either right next to the campus or in the city centre and in the surrounding areas of the city centre, but always along good transport connections. 

In Lahti, everyone starting their studies is guaranteed residence. Most of the student flats are studios, but there are also shared flats, two-room flats and larger residences for families and group living. 

The rents for one-room flats are approximately 352–607 euros per month and the rents for rooms in shared flats are approximately 237–407 euros. The rent always includes Internet access, water, electricity and the use of a shared laundry room and sauna in the housing complex. The flats are firnished with basic staff.

When you arrive in Lahti, you will be met by your tutor – a senior student in Lahti. If needed, your tutor can help you to pick up your keys for your apartment in Lahden Talot in case you arrive outside the office hours. When you arrive in Lahti, you will be met by your tutor – a senior student in Lahti. Tutor’s help will be available between 8:00 in the morning and 24:00 midnight starting from 16th of August. Your tutor will help you with practical matters during your first days in Lahti and at LUT. 

You will receive your tutor’s contact information by e-mail in August before your departure for Finland. You will need to submit your arrival details well in advance for the tutor to be able to meet you in Lahti.