Self-Funded Students

The SBBE program opens the possibility for free of charge (no tuition fees) participation for Self-Funded Students (SFS).

A SFS will not get a scholarship. So, he/she needs to cover the expenses of living, accommodation, and travel in Poland (1st semester), Spain (2nd semester), and Finland (3rd semester).

SFS does not need to attend all the SBBE courses if a candidate already completed corresponding courses in the past.

The successful completion of the curriculum of EMJM SBBE MSc program will be rewarded by three national MSc diplomas, from Poland, Spain and Finland.

Furthermore, a SFS in the SBBE program will be getting:

Interested candidates should contact prof. Juan Rodriguez ( and provide the following documents:

  1. CV and official transcription of grades.
  2. Original bachelor diploma which enables to apply to a university level Master’s studies in the country where the degree was completed in or if candidate is in the process of obtaining the Bachelor degree, a letter signed by the university stating the expected date of the bachelor title issuance.
  3. Completed SFS study plan form (excel)