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Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters SBBE scholarships for Visiting Scholars are destined for experts of recognized excellence to bring added value to the SBBE program

They will be selected by the SBBE Evaluation Committee based on excellence and on the Consortium’s needs in relation to the specific topic of expertise.

Invited Scholar is obliged to:

  • Commit themselves to actively support the Master’s course
  • Spend a minimum of one week and a maximum of two weeks at the SBBE Partner Institution
  • Bring concrete added value to the course and for students through teaching of specific classes, leading and participating in seminars or workshops, monitoring and tutoring student research/project activities, participating in thesis reviews, preparing new teaching modules, etc.
  • Contribute, after their visiting scholar activities, to the promotion and dissemination of the EMJM Programme in general, and the SBBE concerned in particular
Invited scholars will be offered a scholarship based on the scholarship agreement

The amount of the scholarship is 1500 EUR for the first week for the Scholar coming from EU or 2000 EUR for the first week for the Scholars coming from outside EU. For the second week the Scholar is paid 1000 EUR.


The minimal period of visits is 1 week and maximum 2 weeks. A ‘week’ is defined as minimum 4 working days (including travelling day) out of 7 consecutive calendar days. It is not possible to consider 8 consecutive days as 2 weeks.

The Consortium favors on-site activities, however, in the event of COVID-19 restrictions, online activities are eligible. The host university will transfer the scholarship until the last day of planned activities to the Visiting Scholar’s bank account.

Invited lecturers will also have access to the facilities of the host universities (library, sports facilities, computer rooms, etc.).

The University will not cover the insurance cost during the term of the Agreement. Visiting Scholar will have to cover it by him /herself.

CV and a proposal of the scholarship activities (1 page) identifying the Applicant possible contribution to SBBE project should be send by email to the SBBE coordinator Jolanta WARCHOL at email